Women's Sheepskin Slippers

Our sheepskin slippers are a popular choice among women looking for comfort and style. Sheepskin slippers are dependable for those cold Canadian winter and fall seasons. Cozy up with your very own pair and enjoy the benefits of sheepskin properties. 

We offer women’s sheepskin slippers in various styles, such as:

  • Women’s Clog Slipper
  • Women’s Deck Slipper
  • Women’s Hi-Cabin Slipper (with or without Velcro)
  • Women’s Lo-Cabin Slipper
  • Women’s Imelda Sheepskin Slipper
  • Women’s Marilyn Sheepskin Slipper
  • Women’s Patricia Sheepskin Slipper
  • Women’s Scuff Sheepskin Slipper
  • Women’s Sheepskin Moccasin

Our Sheepskin Slippers for Women

Keep your feet happy with our sheepskin slipper collection. Promoting maximum breathability, they regulate your body temperature to ensure your feet never get too cold or too warm. The wool fibres can absorb up to one-third of their own weight in moisture. Cutting down moisture in your slippers creates a dry, healthy environment for your feet. 

Choose comfort from our assortment of sheepskin slippers for women. You’ll find numerous styles and sizes made from the finest materials. 

Do you require dependable footwear that you can wear around the house? We can help you find the right fit for you. At World of Sheepskin, we offer women’s sheepskin slippers in various styles. Visit us at our shop today!