Women's Sheepskin Gloves

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Aren’t you tired of having freezing-cold hands during those long Canadian winters? It’s time to get rid of those ineffective old mittens and get yourself a pair of women’s sheepskin gloves. These gloves are the perfect choice for walking or driving on these chill autumn or winter days.  They’re durable, long-lasting, and provide absolute comfort.

The two types of women’s sheepskin gloves we carry in stock include:

  • Women’s Brown Sheepskin Gloves 
  • Women’s Camel Sheepskin Gloves

We carry three sizes of women’s sheepskin gloves: Small, medium, and large. 

Our Sheepskin Gloves for Women

We use the best quality hides for our women’s sheepskin gloves. Our gloves provide excellent protection and cozy comfort on cold days. Sheepskin gloves also ensure that you don’t have to experience sweaty hands. The merino wool insulation regulates body temperature to keep your hands warm and dry, wicking sweat, so you don’t need to worry about the inside of your gloves becoming damp.  

It’s time you got a pair of quality women’s sheepskin gloves. At World of Sheepskin, we’ll help you find the perfect pair of gloves. Visit us in-store today and experience the many benefits of sheepskin gloves.