Sheepskin Car Seat Covers and Automotive Accessories

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Do you want to improve the interior of your vehicle? Our 100% natural sheepskin car seat covers provide maximum comfort and protection against the elements. Whether you go on long drives for leisure or work, sheepskin seat covers can ensure warmth and coolness no matter the forecast. Because sheepskin can regulate body temperature, our seat covers can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our Sheepskin Seat Covers 

We use soft, 100% natural sheepskin pelts for our durable sheepskin car seat covers. Each pelt has a high density of wool fibres, which helps avoid matting. In addition, the wool provides maximum breathability and comfort year-round. The fibres wick away moisture to ensure you don’t sweat during lengthy road trips or during the winter when you have the heat cranked high. 

You don’t need to worry about sizing when you purchase our sheepskin seat covers, as they’re a universal fit. We’re proud to offer a quality collection of shearling sheepskin seat covers in various styles and accessories. We assure you that the luxurious plush sheepskin is the go-to choice for driving comfortably and protecting your original upholstery from pets, spills, and the usual wear and tear.  

Other Automobile Accessories 

We carry a large collection of sheepskin automobile accessories to accommodate your driving experience.

  • Sheepskin Wheel Cover
  • Sheepskin Chamois
  • Unshaped Sheepskin Wash Mitt
  • Sheepskin Polishing Bonnet
  • Sheepskin MicroTowel
  • Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover
  • Lambswool Dashboard Duster 
  • Lambswool Yarn Duster

At World of Sheepskin, our sheepskin car seat covers promote airflow, warmth, and comfort. Say goodbye to freezing and overheating when driving in and out of season. Contact our shop today to learn how our seat covers can keep you cozy all year long.