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Our Sheepskin Rugs

At Wonderful World of Sheepskin, we are proud to offer one of Canada’s finest selections of genuine sheepskin rugs. Our shearling rugs are made only from Australian sheepskins (sought after worldwide for their unsurpassed quality) and will bring a touch of authentic warmth and natural elegance to your home.

Sheepskin rugs can soften hardwood, stone, and granite floors or add a luxurious accent when draped over furniture. Beside your bed, they provide a delightful plushness for bare feet. In front of your hearth, they beckon lounging family members and pets alike.

Inviting, naturally supple, and just simply beautiful, a high-quality sheepskin rug ages with grace and can last a lifetime. But it’s important to begin with a premium product.

At World of Sheepskin, all of our rugs exceed the standards. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn to evaluate sheepskin quality yourself using the guidelines below.

Things To Consider

Once you understand the elements on this list, you’ll be ready to assess a sheepskin rug (or any sheepskin product) with confidence and an eye toward quality and longevity.

Wool Density

Wool density is quantified as the number of wool fibres per square cm/inch. Having been selectively bred throughout the centuries specifically for this quality, Australian and New Zealand sheep are known worldwide for their incredibly dense wool. This is one of the reasons why World of Sheepskin only sources our pelts directly from Australia.

When you sink your fingers or toes into a sheepskin rug, you’ll know it’s dense if it feels thick, luscious, and firm. You shouldn’t be able to easily see or feel the leather beneath the wool, and the wool fibres should automatically bounce back when you’re done handling them.


Loft refers to the ability of a single wool fibre to stay straight and upright. It’s important not only for aesthetic reasons but also to ensure the warmth-radiating properties of your rug.

Every sheep wool fibre is hollow inside, which is one of the reasons why sheepskin products retain natural warmth so well. When warmed up, the hollow fibres act as insulation and reflect back body heat, providing the ultimate cozy experience. There’s nothing quite like it!

But if your sheepskin rug has poor loft, it may become tangled and matted, thus crushing the hollow fibres and making them unable to retain and reflect back your body warmth.

Look for sheepskins with high natural loft. High-quality fibres should stand firmly upright and should range between 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) in length (the longer, the better).

Wool Colour

While part of the joy of selecting a sheepskin rug is the fact that there will be some natural variation between products, you want to be sure that you’re not mistaking low-quality sheepskin for authentic differences in colourations.

If you’re purchasing an undyed sheepskin rug, look carefully for imperfections or shaded areas on the product. These can indicate poor quality as well as being aesthetically unpleasing.

Likewise, if you’re buying a dyed sheepskin rug, ensure that colouration is even and doesn’t rub off on your skin. A high-quality product should not have smudges or stains, even on the leather backing.

Leather Backing

When new, the suede on the back of a sheepskin rug should be soft and supple. (And, actually, it should stay that way throughout its lifetime.) Stiff, rough, hard, or cracking leather indicates a poor quality product that has not been treated or cared for properly.

Natural oils in sheepskin rugs keep the fibres and leather from drying out. For this reason, we do not ever recommend machine washing sheepskin products. Your rug can be maintained with simple vacuuming, shaking, brushing, and spot washing with proper products, as needed.


It almost goes without saying that a high-quality sheepskin should feel delicious to touch. If a rug feels rough, tangled, or otherwise uncomfortable, keep looking.

Shape & Size

The shape and size of sheepskin rugs can tell you a lot about their production quality. A high-quality rug should be made from large sheepskins since the largest animals are often the most robust and produce the thickest wool. Premium sheepskin size is considered anything above 95 cm (about 3 ft.) long.

Also, pay attention to the sheepskin shape. A well-produced hide should be symmetrical and nicely rounded to reflect the shape of the animal. Don’t purchase a rug that doesn’t have a pleasing form. Besides being visually unappealing, it may reflect poor craftsmanship.

Summing It Up

If you’re in the market for unique and authentic sheepskin products (rugs or otherwise), keep in mind wool density, loft, wool colour, leather backing, feel, and shape and size. Never be afraid to ask questions if a product doesn’t quite seem to meet your standards.

Contact us at World of Sheepskin today with any further questions about how to select a quality product. We’re certain our selection of sheepskin rugs won’t disappoint you!